BBA Curriculum: How Sunstone strides ahead?

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 21 June 2021

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BBA, a bachelor's degree in business administration is one of the most sought-after courses in the country today. It is a three-year undergraduate program that teaches students about varied subjects of business, administration and management while also assisting them in developing their business sense and entrepreneurial abilities in order to become future leaders and managers. It entails building professionals who can manage and control complex business operations.

However, like any other course that you choose to pursue a promising career ahead, the most important thing to be kept in mind is the institution from which that course is undertaken. This is important as it has been observed that even after graduating in the best of courses, candidates are not able to score a job for themselves that can promise them the pay package and growth trajectory that they aspire. 

Therefore, it has become a lot more pertinent for students today to give as much importance to the college/university they want to study in as they give to the course that they want to study.

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Why a BBA with Sunstone's edge?

Sunstone A leading higher education services provider like  a BBA program with an industrial focus that strives to bridge the gap between industry and academics. This BBA comes with the option of a lifetime opportunity of 10 days of global immersion, we will touch upon this in greater detail further in the article. Sunstone actively works with the recruiters to keep the curriculum up to date with the latest industry requirements. An industry-focused curriculum makes the education relevant and improves the skills needed in today's business environment.

Keeping this in mind, conscious efforts are made so that not only relevant things are being taught but also adequate attention is paid to every student that decides to enrol under the program. Keeping this in mind, the student-teacher ratio in classrooms is kept at a healthy 20:1. The approach to impart education is not just limited to regular classroom sessions, it also includes internships, project work, presentations, case studies, group discussions and workshops.

As mentioned, internships form an important part of the learning process at Sunstone, because it is the hands-on experience that one gains on internships that makes any management program holistic. Realising this, Sunstone makes it mandatory for every student to go through a 10 Month (2+2+6) internship, spread over 3 years to give them a real-world exposure before they start their professional journey.

This exposure helps an individual gain a real-world perspective of the corporate world so that once he/she joins a firm on completion of the 3-year program, they don’t feel out of place or intimidated by the professional setup of an organization.

BBA Specialisations offered at Sunstone

The traditional fields of specialization for management courses all over have been Finance, Marketing and Human Resource, but after looking at the trends of the last couple of years, the sectors that have influenced the world the most and how our economy vis-à-vis world economy is shaping up, Sunstone today offers BBA specialisations in not just 3 but 9 domains:

The pedagogy for all these 9 specialisations has been intricately designed in a manner to equip and train the students with what is relevant to our business world today.

Top BBA Specialisations at Sunstone

  • Human Resource Management & Recruitment
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations & Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Retail Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management

Sunstone Global Immersion BBA Program

Many countries of the West are eager to attract foreign expertise. The search for solid qualifications, and management grads are in high demand, as these nations have a dearth of management graduates. Overseas hires not only add to the diversity of the companies, but also give insight to these firms to operate in emerging markets and business areas, giving potential for growth.

Today’s student doesn’t just have access to domestic job markets but, with the advent of globalization, the global markets are open ground for employment. Realising that, Sunstone has introduced a Global Immersion BBA Program just to cater to this need of young professionals. As a part of this program, youngsters are given a unique opportunity to experience 3 of the best international business hubs of the world - Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore, which gives them unparalleled exposure to these overseas markets. 

If you have always wanted to work abroad, then this experience may prove to be extremely crucial for you and may give you an edge over others.

What's the 10 day Global Immersion BBA?

Sunstone Pay after Placement Program 

Sunstone realises the importance of good education and doesn’t want the high cost of education to be a hindrance for young professionals in securing their future. Sunstone is pioneering a way India pays for its graduate management programs. The industry-aligned curriculum, distinguished faculty, & technology-enabled pedagogy empowers us to take complete responsibility for your placement with the Pay After Placement commitment. Your employability is enhanced and gets you a job with no financial risk.

Pay After Placement is a unique policy that requires you to pay only once you get placed, and  the fee is based on the gross monthly salary you secure. Pay after Placement model ensures that you are not burdened by a fee that overwhelms your income at the start of your career and you pay as per your capacity. 

Not only this, with our 400+ recruiter network, we at SUNSTONE also provide a 100% placement assurance to our students. 


Despite a lot of opportunities available in the job market today, there is still a dearth of suitable talent and therefore, there exists unemployment that poses a threat to future graduates. The biggest reasons for this are: the education being provided in schools and colleges today is not up to current requirements of the industry as the focus is more on theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. Secondly, schools and colleges fail to impart adequate skills in their students that can help them scale new heights in the ever-demanding corporate world.

At Sunstone, BBA is meant to provide students with a firm grounding in business and management concepts so that they are not only prepared for their future workplaces but also have ample opportunity to build a strong foundation for an MBA later, where the focus is on industry-relevant learning. This degree has a lot of potentials which can lead to rewarding managerial careers and that is why at Sunstone, we inculcate in-demand managerial skills early so that at the end of 3 years you are transformed into a well-rounded professional who is ready to take on the business world head-on.

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