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  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 12 August 2020

While the world is stepping up its game during these treacherous times, we decided to answer the golden questions ‘What is an MBA for and Why should I do an MBA?’. Well, for starters, its because you want to, right? If not, money is a good aphrodisiac, both mentally and educationally. Educationally, MBA students go through a distinct learning phase where they are taught philosophical needs coupled with different management styles. An MBA might seem like that golden ticket by Willy-Wonka but it comes with a huge amount of learning and very less amount of chocolates. 

There are hundreds of reasons what an MBA is for, but you should also have a deep understanding of what an MBA is. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration and a degree in MBA can offer you multiple job opportunities.

Top Reasons to Pursue an MBA

Streamlined Career Graph

There are very few aspects of pursuing masters but with MBA things are different as it provides a better management style both personally and professionally. MBA students go through a stringent syllabus which enables them to create an environment of discipline and accurate learning. Apart from discipline, an MBA graduate also takes up the practicality of the current market scenario unlike most of the courses. This, in turn, helps them build a career graph unlike others meanwhile streamlining the graph too. This also helps the sole purpose of entering into a management career and putting it into overdrive.

An MBA For better Personal Growth

For a better approach towards life, one needs to be acclimated with strong boned souls. This, in turn, is also why you should pursue an MBA, though do not mistake this for some sort of dating platform. MBA is a professional course and this is why many business schools encourage their students to take part in various internships and seminars, broadening their horizons.

An MBA For Higher Salary

“Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay”. Roger Waters is a sarcastic guy but let’s be honest, money makes life a little bit easier, and that's one reason that the MBA is for. One of the benefits of pursuing an MBA is that you get to earn money comparatively more than other postgraduates. This, in turn, is a reason why you should pursue an MBA as it keeps you ahead in the race and keeps you and your wishes fulfilled. Because in the end, everything boils down to everything you earn. Even though money is good for a better standard of living, Another reason an MBA is for is to teach you how to utilize your management skills. These days even MBBS graduates are pursuing MBA just so that they can also learn the craft of being good managers coupled with better-paying jobs.

An MBA For The Entrepreneurial spirit

Yes, going through an MBA degree is hard but at the same time, the skills imparted to an MBA student are diverse. These diverse skill sets are necessary to build a business from scratch. The startup culture embraces these minds as they carry the genome to build a business model from scratch. Many successful startups were started by MBA graduates and these models were amongst the 10% of the viable models still in shape to generate revenues. So, if you look at it deeply enough, you’d see how these skills possessed by an MBA graduate came in handy inside the startup ecosystem.

benefits of doing an mba

An online MBA

Yes, another reason for pursuing an MBA is that you can pursue it online, from your laptop. There are not many institutes offering this opportunity but the top ones are. There are many reasons why one should pursue an MBA through online streams. For starters, the sheer convenience of it. Why leave your job to pursue higher education when you can balance your studies and work-life pretty perfectly? We all remember Ryan Howard from ‘The Office’ who made it big past attending his evening Business School. Even Michael Scott once thought about why he should pursue an MBA but as it turns out the classes clashed with his improv class. Anyway, you can now attend your improv classes and still get an MBA just by spending some time in front of your computer. Yes, online MBAs are now a thing and they have a much better ROI as compared to the regular one. The education you receive during your online MBA is exactly the same and it also leaves you with plenty of personal time. So, why not?

Shaping the industry With An MBA

You know, at times we all feel that we need a product in our lives that can simplify the process to a certain level. Not everyone is destined to shape the community and that is okay but for those with a sense of morality into shaping the society, MBA plays a vital role. MBA graduates learn the required skills to build an industry that can withstand the rapid changes around them. So, it is easier for them to also shape the industry according to themselves, a leadership quality not everyone can possess. Brands like Airbnb, Oyo have already shaped the tourism industry and with the advent of handheld devices, the world is now also changing. With this changing world under our thumbs, the purpose of doing an MBA increases. Seems like a good time to pursue an MBA

An MBA To Choose from a wide array of specializations

MBA has a wide assortment of specializations in various and choosing amongst them is one of the toughest ones has to make while pursuing this degree. The different types of courses available in the MBA in Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Digital Marketing. There are more courses to an MBA degree but with these three leaving a dent in the market, it is safe to say that this can very well portray the assortment we were talking. It brings the variety to this course, a variety much needed in the education sector. For, all in all, many marketing graduates have been pretty strongly vibrating the products into the market with a very unique sense. Whereas, Finance is helping organizations suck every ounce of their investment into the betterment of it. Talking about operations, MBA graduates from this walk of life are helping deliver every drop of manufactured goods on time and some are even helping the Armed Forces with the much needed logistical solutions. You see, the importance of an MBA can be applied and boiled to any sector of the industry and that is another why one should pursue an MBA.

Step into the Pay-After-Placement arena

MBA is expensive and it does turn a lot of heads but not in the right direction every time. Though the return of investment is quite a thing and many opt for educational loans instead. But there is a better way to get into an MBA after graduation rather than putting yourself into debt. Pay-after placement is a better option when it comes to justifying the value of an MBA as it is a much safer option compared to the traditional one. Although this is still a very new concept in the education sector but it fulfills hundreds of dreams in the pipeline. In India, this concept is at an all-time low but you can still find some institutions offering this concept.

An MBA For A higher chance of placement 

Most organizations prefer an MBA these days not because of the fanciness of it but because of the skills it imparts. As the world nowadays is more technologically inclined, many opt to pursue an MBA after their engineering. So, the companies which emphasize more on technology tend to hire MBAs more as compared to other postgraduates. So, buckle up if you are planning to pursue your post-graduation in business administration as it is most likely you will find a job but rather a hard one

An MBA - Because you want to

We would like to emphasize strongly this part. Many of us dream about being a doctor just because it is a well-paid profession, although then the basic motive of education is lost midway. Education is not about your report card or your paycheck, it is about finding what piece of the puzzle you are in this world. If you don’t find the right fit, you will be forced to fit in it. The same goes for the persuasion behind an MBA. If you find yourself to be the right fit, then go for it. If not, it is better to exploring or find your solace in Eddie Vedder. 

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