How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 28 March 2023
become blockchain developer

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Are you aware of cryptocurrency? If yes, there is a likelihood that you have already heard about Blockchain technology and at least have a hint of how it works. It was first introduced to support Bitcoin, but as it demonstrated the level of security, many government and private organisations started using it. Now that when we are discussing top new technology trends, how can we forget about Blockchain? It features dynamic technology that ensures it has the potential for growth. 

Becoming a Blockchain Developer is not challenging if you have made your career in the BCA program. As this prospect intrigues you, we have curated a roadmap for what blockchain is and how to become a blockchain developer.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is an electronic ledger that handles all cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, this blockchain technology is distinct from all other centralised and controlled traditional transactional methods. As this blockchain technology is decentralized, it is not under the control of any person or organisation.

Blockchain technology enables businesses to carry out secure transactions without the involvement of third parties, making it beneficial to a greater number of businesses worldwide. Network nodes record and verify transactions in a distributed ledger known as a blockchain. The blockchain is continuously updated and maintained by each network node. That is the reason Blockchain innovation is particularly known for its security, as it is undeniably challenging to mess with information whenever it has been recorded on the blockchain. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to alter data without being detected due to the cryptographic hash.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Here’s a list of the key benefits you get once you adopt blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain is widely known to enhance security as it can alter the way your critical information is viewed.
  • With the help of blockchain technology, instant traceability of data can be done, which can expose the weakness in the supply chain.
  • Adapting blockchain technology can improve efficiency and speed and can streamline the process.
  • Transactions can be automated with the help of blockchain and can speed the process even further.
  •  You get greater transparency as you switch to this technology trend.

Apart from that, several industries like banking and finance, supply chain and food chain, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance and government sector even benefit from Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain Development?

The process of creating and maintaining a blockchain platform is known as blockchain development. Blockchain-based applications and services like digital currencies, smart contracts, and distributed applications can only be developed and managed with the help of this infrastructure. Additionally, it entails developing the technologies and tools required to support the platform.

A blockchain application is simply a program or platform that makes use of the security, transparency, and reliability of a blockchain. The process of developing a blockchain is intricate and necessitates a thorough comprehension of the underlying technology. Additionally, it requires a firm commitment to scalability and security. A significant undertaking that necessitates significant resources and expertise is the creation of a blockchain platform.

What does a Blockchain Developer do?

  • Blockchain Developer brings innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • They also perform complex analysis, testing, design, development and computer software debugging.
  • They develop front-end designs according to the business or client’s requirements.
  • Blockchain Develops also designs the architect that can be used for decentralising or centralising the data.
  • They design the blockchain protocols, and then backend development is done according to them.
  • Blockchain developers develop and monitor smart contracts.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

Now that you have decided to pursue this field, scroll down to read the steps to become a blockchain developer.

  • Start with Academics

    To become a blockchain developer, one needs to have a strong academic background with a stronghold in computer science and mathematics. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will help you to grasp a good knowledge of computer science and subjects related to it.

  • Get a Strong Hold of the Required Tech Skills

    One need to have expertise in coding to become a blockchain developer. Specific technical skills like data structure, programming languages, cryptography and database and networking are required

  • Understand Basic Blockchain

    Without proper domain knowledge, you won’t be able to pursue this technology. It is important to have basic knowledge of Blockchain. Understanding the basic concepts and terminologies of new technology trends is a must.

  • Learn About Cryptonomics

    In blockchain innovation, the information is cryptographically displayed with the assistance of different security systems. Economics and cryptography are combined in cryptonomics. To construct robust cryptography protocols, one must have solid mathematical and computer science concepts.

  • Know About Ethereum and dApps

    Decentralized and based on the fundamentals of blockchain technology, Ethereum is one of the most recent technologies. It is a technology that is free and used by many professionals in the industry.

  • Understand Smart Contracts and Solidity

    By limiting the involvement of a third party and eliminating any associated costs, smart contracts aim to streamline the transaction process between parties. Programming in Solidity is used to create smart contracts and carry out business logic. It resembles OOPS.

  • Get Hands-on Experience

    Once you are well-versed in the course, you need to get hands-on experience to understand blockchain better. Until and unless you do not bring theoretical knowledge to practical use, you won’t be able to become a blockchain developer.

This is a complete guide on how to become a blockchain developer from scratch.

Benefits of Becoming a Blockchain Developer

There are several benefits that you’ll unlock once you decide to become a blockchain developer.

  • Varied Career Opportunities
  • Data is Transparently Tracked
  • Can Handle Complex Transactions by Creating Smart Contracts
  • Allows Developers to Build Secure and Scalable Applications
  • Provides an Access to Incredibly Exciting and Innovative Fields

Blockchain Programming Language and Skills Required

To become a blockchain developer, there are certain skill sets required. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • You need a strong hold on programming languages like Python and Java.
  • Should have a good knowledge of data structures and cryptography.
  • Should have a good know-how of working on networking concepts like DNS and TCP/IP.
  • Good experience in web application development frameworks like Flask or Django and distributed systems, that is networks of machines.
  • Learning popular programming languages like Solidity on Ethereum, C++, Java on the NEO platform and Python on Bitcoin cash will be benefiting you the most.
  • Whether you know certain aspects of blockchain technology or you are new to it, picking the right language according to your needs is a necessity.

Types of Blockchain Developers

There are various types of Blockchain Developers with different skill sets. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Smart Contract Developers: They create self-executing contracts that live on the blockchain.
  • Core Developers: They build and maintain the underlying blockchain protocols.
  • Application Developers: To improve the user experience and increase the efficiency of the existing system, they build applications using blockchain technology.
  • Hardware/Software Engineer: These people develop a secure and reliable platform that integrates well with third-party systems.
  • dApp Developers: They built decentralised applications on the blockchain.
  • System Architects: They design the decentralised system that meets the business needs.

Roles and Responsibilities of Blockchain Developers

For the success of any digital currency or blockchain project, a blockchain developer plays a crucial role in it. Apart from that, once you become Blockchain Developer, there are certain roles and responsibilities that you need to consider.

  • They are involved in developing new applications or protocols designed to use in the blockchain.
  • Blockchain developers need to communicate effectively with other team members to ensure that the blockchain solution meets the business requirements.
  • The Blockchain Developers work to make sure that the blockchain is scalable, secure and efficient.
  • They are responsible for designing, building and maintaining the distributed ledger system that enables secure transactions and trustless collaboration.

Future Scopes 

Now that you know how to become a blockchain developer, it is essential to learn about the career you can pursue in it. So, here is a list of jobs that you can choose from and the average salary that you can expect.

Job Designation

Average Salary (₹)

Software Engineer


Product Manager


Risk Analyst


Tech Architect


Analyst Relations Manager


Business Analyst


Crypto Community Manager


Front-end Engineer


Legal Consultant


Blockchain Project Manager


Blockchain Developer


Blockchain Quality Engineer


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FAQ - Become a Blockchain Developer

How long it takes to become a blockchain developer?

The training of a blockchain developer depends on the course and skills an individual is targeting. It can take 3 months to 3 years, depending on the course you opt for and how much you know about the programming languages.

Is it hard to become a blockchain developer?

It is true that blockchain coding is not an easy task. You need technical expertise and good knowledge to code blockchain. But there are enough resources available to learn to code a blockchain.

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