Best Jobs after MBA in India

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 12 March 2021
Best Jobs after MBA in India

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Master of Business Management (MBA) is a management program that centres around the different dimensions of business organization and management. An MBA degree can help you dispatch a reformist vocation in the business area and amplify your image before potential recruiters at the time of the interview. There is an abundance of job opportunities after an MBA with a handsome salary package if only we look for it in the right place.

As per the annual survey report by the GMAC, there is a 90 per cent demand for MBA graduates in India, all over Asia. Today, more than 52% of companies have devised ways to magnify the starting MBA jobs salary of freshers. Students may have a plethora of questions regarding career opportunities after MBA, such as jobs after MBA in India, salary for an MBA, the scope for MBA, MBA future scope, etc. It is cardinal to understand that an MBA provides an opportunity for self-development, where you meet and learn from different ideologies and manifest sheer vision to solve real-life problems. 

Scope of MBA in India

The scope of an MBA is broad in India. Today, MBA is one of the most sought-after degrees, and one can’t presume where they can take their career after MBA. There is an extensive assortment of careers after MBA that one can choose based on their interest and deftness. Opportunities for MBA students have surged tenfold, with leading MNCs and organizations hiring MBA graduates continuously. According to ManpowerGroup India, most companies summarized that the most in-demand job roles in their organization are for MBA graduates, followed by the IT sector. It highlights the infinite scope of an MBA.

Factors to consider before taking a job after MBA in India

Here are some factors to consider before taking up a job after an MBA in India:

  1. Organization: It is important to understand and assess the nature of work in the organization you wish to join. Look into the scope for career development, success, and future plans of the organization and how they will affect your career trajectory.
  2. Job Profile: Instead of accepting every job that comes your way, aim for a specific job that is tailored for you. Similarly, do not accept a role based on the remuneration, but think about taking a job based on your job description, as it will help you shape your career.
  3. Location of Job: If you are taking up a job outside your native place/ location, budget the cost of living, accommodation, and transportation. You should make a detailed comparison of the salary you earn and your expenses towards the cost of living.
  4. Other Factors: Other factors for consideration include:

  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Working Hours
  • Opportunities offered by Employers

What Are the Various MBA Job Opportunities in India?

What are the opportunities after MBA? What to do after MBA? These questions might come to your mind while pondering over the scope after MBA. Some of the top MBA job opportunities are as follows-

 Banking and Finance:

Banking and finance industries offer a wide variety of job opportunities after an MBA, including investment bankers, loan officers, financial consultants, and chief financial officers, etc. As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the finance sector’s employment rate is expected to grow by 10%, with more than 7773,800 new jobs by 2026. Some top recruiters in this field include JP Morgan, Bank of America, KPMG, and Goldman Sachs.

Marketing and Sales:

As per the Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35% of all jobs available in 2026 will be in management, marketing, and sales. Hence, marketing job opportunities for MBA graduates are available in every industry. HUL, Cadbury, The Engine Group, and PHD are some of the top recruiters in the marketing domain.

Information Management:

Information is a fundamental asset of modern businesses. Information management is the art of crafting the option to adequately characterize, store, oversee, secure, share and circulate data for significant stakeholders.

Data Analytics:

As per the sources, the estimation of the Business Analytics Market in 2019 was USD 67.92 billion and is estimated to arrive at USD 103.65 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 7.3% over the conjecture period from 2020 to 2025. Indeed, even Harvard Business Review has pronounced business analytics as the most invigorating job of the 21st century.


Today, entrepreneurs hold a prominent role in propelling nations’ monetary and social make-up across the world. Today, an ever-increasing number of individuals with pioneering goals have opted for MBA courses that help them sharpen their entrepreneurship abilities and skills.

Public Relations:

Public relations is one of the most evolving and dynamic careers in India. A report by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India betokens that India’s PR industry will relinquish Rs. 2,100 crore by 2025. Moreover, the employment rate of public relations professionals is projected to grow at 7 per cent from 2019 to 2029 as compared to other jobs. Some top public relations recruiters firms are Ogilvy, MSL Group, Edelman, and PR Pundit.

Indeed, there are umpteen jobs after MBA, and the placement after MBA is guaranteed due to the increasing demand for MBA graduates. Career after MBA is bright and magnificent that can ensure good pay and due recognition in the society. 

Salary Offered to MBA Graduates in India

The salaries for MBA graduates in India vary from organization to organization. Here is the rundown of some prominent MBA related jobs along with average salary after MBA in India-

Job Profile Average salary per annum
Operations Manager Rs. 766239
Senior Business Analyst Rs. 988990
Marketing Manager Rs. 687093
Business Development Executive Rs. 400000
Marketing Executive Rs. 319046
Public Relations Professional Rs. 592951
Financial Analyst Rs. 410975
Management Consultant Rs. 645841
Finance Manager Rs. 991798
Investment Banker Rs. 450000
Human Resource Manager Rs. 702553
Sales Manager Rs. 485314

Note- All the above-mentioned figures are based on approximation and may vary and depend on your negotiation skills.

MBA scope and salary are growing every day due to changes in the business dynamics and the need to adapt to changing business ecosystems. The salary after MBA in India depends on your experience and skills. Once you acquire the needed expertise, you can expect an instant hike.

Cities offering best Jobs after MBA

Here is the list of some of the top cities in India that attract MBA graduates:

  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Pune, Maharashtra
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Bangalore, Karnataka

Gender Ratio of MBA Jobs in India

In India, 76% of males are engaged in management jobs while 24% of females are working in various domains of business management. However, with new and rising businesswomen and female entrepreneurs, the scenario is changing.


We hope that now you have a better understanding and got the answer of what are the job opportunities after MBA. MBA is a worldwide famous and acclaimed degree that bears a hallmark of well-paying positions. The salary of an MBA in India elevates with experience and a solid understanding of the subject matter. MBA opportunities in India are endless, and it’s up to you how to clutch them with your abilities. 

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