MBA Grads Succeed Faster Than Others. Here’s Why!

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 24 February 2021

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MBA is the most popular post-graduate degree around the world. Aspirants pursue MBA to boost their careers and to climb the corporate ladder faster. It’s only fitting then to find out how MBA grads are impacted by the degree a few years down the line.

Recently Financial Times conducted a survey on MBA grads who completed their degree in the last 3-5 years. Both corporate workers and entrepreneurs were a part of the survey and the results are very interesting to say the least. You can also learn more about MBA in Entrepreneurship with our blog.

The most popular sector for MBA grads are Finance and Banking, closely followed by Consultancy. This is not a surprise as MBA in Finance has always been a core specialisation of MBA.

Another interesting insight from this survey is that the public sector was the least favourite area for MBA grads to work in.

Where MBA grads work

There are other interesting findings which came out of the survey-

33% of MBA Grads Progress To A Senior Role In 3 years

That means more than half the MBA grads get promoted within 3 years of graduating. Clearly the worth of an MBA degree is still very high and it has a very high ROI.

MBA grads seniority level after 3 years

Asia is Becoming the Start-Up Hub Of The World

India is leading in this sector across Asia and the reason behind this is the entrepreneurial drive of the MBA graduates. 15% of MBA grads started their own companies and this number is on the rise. No wonder, business management skills are best honed in pursuing a Business administration course.

Most popular sctors for MBA grads to work in

Consultancy And E-Commerce Are The Most Popular Sectors

With online shopping on a rise because of the pandemic and globalisation leading to outsourcing, these two sectors are doing very well and will continue to grow further.

Angel Investors Make Up 63% Of Funding To These Startups

Their choice remains clear. They want the owners to be MBA-qualified.


An MBA degree remains a strong foundation to kickstart careers as well as entrepreneurial journeys. Despite increasing competition and Covid-19, the demands for MBA professionals remain at an all time high because of the skill set they own. The technical know-how, business acumen and leadership skills nurtured in MBA grads is worth its weight in gold. You can also learn more about the tech skills for MBA with our blog.

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