How Important Is The Tag of MBA On A CV?

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 27 January 2021

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Doing an MBA is a crucial footstep in directing your profession higher than ever. Most of the students wish to get the best out of the degree as far as vocation development and most lucrative MBA occupations are concerned. Yet, prior to entering the corporate field equipped with an MBA, one always enquiries, what are the career options post doing an MBA? We will discuss this further in the article. The role of a CV is very crucial and the added-value of an MBA on a CV will assist you to get your dream job. 

MBA undoubtedly is the most demanded course of many after graduation, as it furnishes them with good placements and makes them industry-ready. Not withstanding, even in the wake of, deciding to do an MBA, one needs to pick the correct specialisation and understand the MBA placement criteria. There are many specializations, such as marketing, finance, international business, and business analytics. Choose it wisely and as per your interest!

How can an MBA add value to your CV?

Many of you must have noticed the line “MBA preferred” while reading advertisements related to any job opening. By this one, I can figure out the importance and scope of an MBA on your CV. Students tend to ask Should I mention MBA on my CV? Definitely yes! It will not only give you an edge over others but will also improve and enhance the quality of your CV. The salary package for an MBA fresher is, mainly, straightforwardly relative to the qualification and experience. So we can safely say if you have the required range of abilities and are prepared to keep yourself informed, your profession is relied upon to continue to develop and reach new heights.

MBA has increased career avenues for MBA candidates. Now the question is How and which MBA can help your career? With ventures changing significantly and viewpoints of business taking new dimensions, the interest and extension for MBA for experts have gone through an extreme move. Organisations presently need multi-talented individuals with outstanding administration and managerial abilities and an MBA will equip you with all these abilities. 

You can have high Salary expectations post MBA. However, the salary package of an MBA fresher depends on the specialization. The following are the jobs available for an MBA graduate:-

Sn. No. Job Profile Job Description Expected Salary*
1. Investment Banker Investment Bankers are associated with fund-raising in capital business sectors and giving monetary guidance to both privately owned businesses and the public authority. Rs. 678,000 per annum.
2. Project Manager Project Managers are needed to be engaged with all parts of an undertaking, for example, planning and making strategies. Rs. 170,000 per year.
3. Business Development Manager They are liable for arranging and methodologies that help the development and extension of a business. Rs. 340,000 per annum.
4. Marketing Manager The main task of a marketing manager is to take care of all the showcasing endeavors of a specific company. Rs. 420,000 per annum.
5. Business Data Analytics The main work includes examining all the information related to customer preference and campaigns. Rs. 400,000 per annum.
6. Digital Media Marketing Manager They take care of the digital presence of a company on various social media. Rs. 500,000 per year.

*Salary increases with experience. The salary packages may differ from industry to industry.

Advantages of Having An MBA On A CV

Acquiring an MBA can have various both expected and unforeseen advantages in your day to day life. There are many benefits of an MBA to an employer. It aids them to improve their capability to handle various nuances of an organisation. Some of the paramount importance of an MBA degree is, given below:-

Foreign Exposure and Networking

The benefit of doing an MBA is that it prepares you to face international competition as well. The question, will an MBA help me to settle abroad? Yes, it will. MBA is a globally recognized degree and holds much value. While studying for, MBA, you will come in contact with many people, alumni (working abroad) who may directly or indirectly add to your network. It will help you to have a foreign exposure post MBA. 

Better problem-solving skills

MBA boosts your confidence. The sensation of achievement and the instruction and ranges of abilities acquired by this degree can improve anybody's certainty as they clear their path through the corporate world. Enhanced confidence helps you to have better problem-solving skills. You can also learn about the various in-demand management skills with our blog.

Amplify Your Thinking Ability

The MBA syllabus may appear to be situated in realities and theory, however, the whole experience frequently winds up honing innovative reasoning and motivating inventive undertakings for MBA students. MBA graduates tend to have out of the box thinking which makes them unique and improves their analytical thinking.

An MBA adds value to your Resume

The purpose of mentioning MBA on CV is that it increases the weightage of your CV. Post-MBA you tend to acquire the required prerequisites of a job. There are many top companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Godrej, TATA Consultancy firm and many more. They first view your CV and then call you for an interview. So having an MBA in your CV will add value to it. Most importantly, you will get an opportunity to appear for an interview. 


We can easily conclude that doing an MBA is a good option after graduation. In this competitive world, recruiters wish to hire those who have excellent skills and manage day-to-day activities efficiently. An MBA degree has a lot of importance in a resume that is, why MBA freshers are preferred, before anyone. But try to build up your CV with insightful experience as well. In the recruitment process, the role of a CV is very significant as it may decide your fate. A tailored CV is always appreciated.

Good luck!

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