Become a Business Analyst: Skills and Salary

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 7 June 2023
Become a Business Analyst: Skills and Salary

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A Business Analyst analyses business issues and comes up with the most possible solution, helping businesses to improve and do better in the market. They are data-driven and have immense importance in the business world. Oh, Wait! Are you aiming to become a Business Analyst? If yes, you need to know the basic skills you would need to acquire to become a successful Business Analyst. How BBA program will guide you to get into this profession, and what are the roles and responsibilities that you will share? This blog is for you as it is a complete roadmap that will guide you to become a business analyst.

Who is a Business Analyst?

By comprehending and analysing business issues and presenting solutions that would maximise an organization's value to its stakeholders, a business analyst facilitates change within an organisation. In today's time, businesses use data to identify trends in their operations and generate insightful conclusions. Businesses aim to optimise operations and make important decisions using the data at their disposal. Business analysts use analytics to review processes, establish needs, implement data-driven solutions, and generate reports for executives and stakeholders. They act as a bridge between IT and business teams.

Skills Required to be a Business Analyst 

As you know, for every profession there is a set of skills one needs to acquire. Hence, here are some of the skills that you should have to be a successful business analyst.

  • Knowledge of SQL is required to be a Business Analyst.
  • You should be proficient in Microsoft Excel.
  • Another skill that you should have to improve business relations is Negotiation Skills.
  • It is very crucial to know how to communicate with people. Hence, you should work on improving your English and Communication Skills.
  • Having domain knowledge, along with work experience is a must.
  • Along with logical and critical thinking, a Business Analyst should have Analytical Skills.
  • You should know how to work on Data Visualisation tools like Tableau and PowerBI.
  • You know, knowing Programming languages like R and Python is a prerequisite.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Now that you are aware of the skills required to be a Business Analyst, it’s time to learn about the responsibilities that one needs to take care of while performing a Business Analyst role.

  • A business analyst pinpoints the goals and issues of a company's business and develops profitable solutions.
  • They appreciate and assemble stakeholder and customer business requirements. 
  • Business analysts collaborate with the development team to create a plan for addressing a specific issue. 
  • They aggressively offer feedback on the design of a software programme and execute the newly created features that a company need.
  • Business analysts evaluate a company's functional and non-functional requirements.
  • They hold regular meetings with clients and stakeholders to go over business problems and solutions. 
  • Using user acceptability testing, business analysts are in charge of confirming a project's condition. They check to see if the company's solutions meet the needs of the clients. 
  • To communicate all the project findings, a business analyst creates data visualisations and documents them.

Future Scope and Salary of a Business Analyst

In this section, you will learn about how different roles and skills pay differently to the Business Analytics professionals who have completed their BBA course. Let’s have a look at the salary of a Business Analyst based on Skills and salary based on role type.

Salary Based on Skills


Average Salary

Microsoft Excel Expert

₹ 5,57,736

Project Management

₹ 5,93,715


₹ 6,47,341

Business Analysis

₹ 6,31,572

Requirement Analysis

₹ 6,59,932

Salary Based on Role Type

Role Type

Average Salary


₹ 7,00,000


₹ 8,40,000

Hardware and Networking

₹ 7,30,000

IT Consulting and Services

₹ 7,00,000

Financial Services

₹ 8,10,000

Job Description of a Business Analyst

The most common business analyst job description that you’ll find is:

  • The candidate must be able to analyse the variance
  • Monitoring and Planning would be the major task of a Business Analyst.
  • Should be proficient in forecasting and budgeting.
  • A candidate must be able to identify and report the business requirements to the stakeholders.
  • One must be able to construct a thorough business study and draft the company’s issues, prospects and solutions.

BBA in Business Analytics Course Highlight

Course Name

BBA in Business Analytics

Course Duration

3 years

BBA in Business Analytics Course Level



10+2 from a recognised board

BBA in Analytics Subjects

Machine Learning, Python, SaaS, Advance Statistics, Business Finance, etc.

Average Course Fee

₹ 60 thousand to 4 lakh per annum

Leading Profiles

Business Analyst, Marketing Analyst Manager, Business Strategist etc.

Top Recruiters

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

Average Salary

₹ 2-12 lakhs

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FAQs - Become a Business Analyst

Is BBA in Business Analytics a good course?

Yes, it is one of the highly opted courses across the globe.

What is the average salary of a Business Analyst?

The average salary of a Business Analyst is ₹ 7 LPA.

Is BBA in Business Analytics hard to study?

Yes, it is not an easy course to study compared to other BBA specialisations.

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