Top 3 Benefits of Doing MBA in Marketing

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 11 January 2021
Top 3 Benefits of Doing MBA in Marketing

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Pursuing an MBA is not just about getting a fat paycheck or starting your own business. An MBA benefits you with a lot more! It provides you with ample opportunities to make progress in your careers, it makes you more focused and most of all makes you a better version of yourself! Even the MBA streams or right choice of MBA specializations individually give us the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in that particular field.  

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For instance, an MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest and most sought after specializations among various MBA programs. MBA in Marketing prepares students for a robust career in the Marketing field. An MBA in Marketing is all about the consumer and convincing the customer to pursue your product or services. But how exactly does an MBA in Marketing help build your personality? To answer that we need to understand the topics covered in a Marketing MBA or PGDM course.   

Topics included in MBA Marketing are advertisement, market research, social media marketing, and online marketing. However, your knowledge will not only be limited to Marketing, as you will learn subjects that have much broader applicability like mathematics, analytics, communication, and management. An MBA in Marketing develops many aspects of your personality like people skills, communication skills and presentation skills. Let’s delve further into how an MBA in Marketing can help build your personality.

Advantages of an MBA in Marketing

So, why should you opt for an MBA in Marketing? What are the advantages of an MBA in Marketing? In addition to the reasons discussed above, an MBA in Marketing has a broad scope and promises a bright future for students. It offers not just technical knowledge but also helps you develop soft skills. Moreover, it helps you develop a connection with the alumni and develop contacts. The most important advantage of an MBA in Marketing is personality development and we all know, a strong personality can assume many leadership roles. 

How an MBA in Marketing Helps Achieve Your Career Goals?

Qualifying with an MBA in Marketing can facilitate growth in the corporate world by providing you with wider avenues for professional and personal growth. One does tend to wonder, "what are the benefits of doing an MBA in Marketing". You can opt to make a career in a vast array of different and varied fields such as. FMCG, consultancy, banking, tourism, retail, etc. The job of an efficient and effective Marketing team is indispensable for the success of any company.

Corporates have increasingly started to realize the importance and benefits of good marketing strategies. Many managerial positions are open for MBA students in marketing such as brand manager, sales manager, Media planner, Product Manager, Market research Analyst, etc.

 1. More Opportunities for professional Growth

MBA in marketing provides limitless growth opportunities; as even though there are established marketing strategies that work, this is such a dynamic sector, with ample room to make your own strategies, test them and deliver. It can help you climb the corporate ladder more rapidly. You can expect to land yourself in managerial positions; either you can choose to work in marketing teams of bigger corporates or opt to work for smaller companies or start-ups that offer more flexibility.

2. Increased Pay

With the advancement of technology, various new opportunities for marketing students have opened up. With the increased use of social media and branding, demand for MBA in marketing has increased, making this one of the top specialisations chosen by students. In addition to this, a master’s degree in marketing management will help you secure a fatter pay-cheque, regarding you prove yourself and your marketing strategies in the marketing niche. On average, students of MBA Marketing earn anywhere between Rs. 3 lac to Rs.25 lac per annum depending upon the job position, type of company, etc.

3. Broad Scope Of Opportunities

One of the primary reasons students opt for an MBA is that it dramatically helps you expand your horizons. So, why an MBA in Marketing?  It helps you develop a strong personality coupled with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and markets. This in turn makes you a people person, as you will acutely pay attention to the needs of a consumer. The primary reason that MBA in Marketing has such a broad scope is that marketing is one of the essential components of any corporate entity, whether it is a big corporate or a small scale industry. For any company to survive, it must develop comprehensive and robust marketing strategies. 

Popular Job Options after an MBA in Marketing

  • Marketing Analyst- A marketing analyst's job consists of meticulously analyzing markets and attuning the company's marketing strategy with the said analysis.
  • Brand Manager- The role of a brand manager is to promote and place the brand; it also includes researching rival brands and strategizing accordingly.
  • Sales Manager- The job of a sales manager includes training and managing a team of salespersons. Tasks like assigning roles, territories, hiring salespersons, etc., are carried out by the sales manager.  
  • Marketing Management- The task of a marketing manager is to lead the marketing team of the company. His job is to attract new customers for the company while retaining existing customers. 
  • Account Manager- An account manager interacts with different clients. His job is to maintain client satisfaction while maintaining one to one interaction with all clients. 
  • SEO Manager- An SEO manager coordinates and manages all the SEO related work in an organization.

How An MBA In Marketing Builds Your Personality?

Though we have discussed these above, let's look at the factors of an MBA in Marketing that actually help in your personal and professional growth and help develop your personality. 

1. Boosts Your Confidence

Technical knowledge or getting acquainted with the company's functionings' is not the only invaluable knowledge gained through an MBA; gaining confidence is another important aspect of pursuing an MBA. Being in the management of any company requires having a strong personality with good leadership skills.

So, How does an MBA in Marketing help in personality development? An MBA helps you acquire interpersonal skills like communication, leadership, and team management. All of these skills will help you boost your confidence.

2. Skill Development  

Another important aspect of pursuing an MBA is acquiring a comprehensive skill set. MBA in Marketing skills development will go a long way to help you develop a career. Your B school training will help you learn analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication skills.

How can an MBA in Marketing change your personality? For people working in managerial positions, they must possess all the necessary skills. New challenges are posted every day for those working at top positions to achieve their targets in a time-bound manner.

Let us have a look at a few of the essential skills that you will learn at the B school -

  • Communication Skills - Of all the interpersonal skills, effective communication is the most important. Working in a corporate would require you to continually interact with your clients, co-employees and coordinate with various company departments. So, you must be an effective communicator who can articulate.
  • Team Management-  For any employee working in a managerial position, it is indispensable that he/she learns to manage human resources efficiently. Managing teams and facilitating them to work in a goal-oriented manner is a valuable task. 
  • Creative Problem Solving- Working in a corporate will always throw new challenges that you will be required to face and solve new problems creatively. B school will prepare you for such challenges and help you learn to achieve targets in a time-bound manner.
  • Top Positions- One of the primary reasons for an MBA's popularity is that it will secure top positions. It will help you get a job working as a manager. In addition to that, you can expect a steady growth trajectory in your corporate career.

Now let's discuss the personality development from an MBA in Marketing and the importance of getting the qualification and the value of a strong personality and overall personal growth 

MBA is not just a business degree that helps one manage businesses and teams. Advantages of an MBA in Marketing are not limited to acquiring technical knowledge. An MBA prepares one for life by teaching certain skills that translate well to both business and life. The degree instills confidence and interpersonal skills by helping one break out of their comfort zones and induces them to take on challenges. It is no surprise that MBA graduates often end up in leadership roles that require a dominant yet resilient personality.

If you want to make it big in the corporate world, it is of utmost importance that you possess a strong personality and are capable of taking on tough challenges and adapting to changing market trends; MBA in Marketing skills development can help you develop a strong personality which is much sought after in the corporate world. It assumes more importance when working in a managerial position as you will be tasked with managing all the employees and meeting new challenges each day.

3. Develop Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills

An MBA is not just a course in business management; it is an experience that helps in the holistic development of one's personality and perspective. Another crucial aspect of an MBA in marketing personality development is that It helps develop an unconventional yet strategic outlook towards business management. Naturally, this also develops leadership skills, which also translates to good entrepreneurship. The most crucial part about entrepreneurship is managing your employees/ subordinates, and an MBA degree prepares you for that.

 An MBA degree, thus, not only helps you as a manager but also helps you develop the right skill set for an entrepreneurial role. Many of us do not wish to tread on the well-beaten of working in a company and wish to start our enterprise. For such people, an MBA in Marketing is the right choice as it would instill a sense of confidence and help develop the right skills coupled with valuable technical knowledge. 

4. Enhance Your Communication and Presentation skills

One of the most underrated aspects of corporate success is communication skills. Good communication skills are essential for the successful and smooth functioning of any organization. Communication is often the key to balance in a team, and it falls upon the leader to ensure that it is uninterrupted and regular between all team members. An MBA degree can help you develop these communication skills allowing you to be a better leader and an entrepreneur.

So, how an MBA in Marketing helps in personal growth? Whether you are working as a manager or an entrepreneur, effective communication is the key. Communication skills are an essential aspect of personality development from an MBA in Marketing. To lead from the top, they must learn the art of communicating their goals and aspirations to other employees. For management and coordination, one should be able to communicate effectively. 

 5. An Increased Adaptability & Problem-Solving

Flexibility and adaptability will help you everywhere in life, and this holds for business management as well. As stated earlier, an MBA helps you to think out of the box and applyQ1`21 different perspectives to a problem. Since an MBA degree develops the skills to find alternate solutions to problems, it tends to enhance both perspective and skill set, which allows you to become a more proficient leader and adapt to the immediate needs of the industry and the domain. 

So, how does an MBA in Marketing help in personality development? Being a corporate leader would require that you adapt to ever-changing market trends that could be made possible by your training at a B School. With a vast skill set, adapting to changing markets and trends in the corporate could prove to be a cakewalk for you.

You will command more respect from your fellow employees, which can make you a robust leader. It would also promise steady growth for you in the corporate sector. Moreover, it would make it easier for you to carry out myriad tasks and switching between different roles. It would also make it much smoother for you to make a transition later on in your career. 

6. Develop an Unconventional Approach Towards Work

Business is all about innovation and an unorthodox approach to conventional problems, and a degree in business management helps you unlock that same potential. So, the point to address How MBA in Marketing changes the approach towards work?  A degree in business management can help you develop an out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving, which can be extremely useful in a corporate set-up.

Creativity and business go hand in hand, and many successful organizations result from unconventional methods of conducting business. As the saying goes, "Need is the mother of all invention" a successful businessman thinks about solutions as per the need or problem to be solved. If you want to develop as a businessman and an entrepreneur while simultaneously developing as an individual, an MBA degree is a perfect choice.    

Most successful businesses can be credited with employing an unconventional approach and continually engaging with creative and unconventional business management ideas. It assumes greater importance when we talk about marketing in particular. Most successful companies have employed innovative marketing techniques to build their brand value. So, if you cherish entrepreneurial dreams being well-versed with the marketing world's nitty-gritty can go a long way to develop your brand. 

Wrapping It Up

So if you are planning to pursue an MBA in Marketing, you have various valid reasons to do so. Personality development from MBA in Marketing will help you achieve your career goals, making it a smooth ride for you towards success.

Let us have a look How MBA in marketing can help in achieving your career goals? 

  • Better Career Growth - Personality development from MBA in Marketing can help you achieve your career goals. You can aspire for higher positions in the corporate hierarchy. You can expect to grow steadily and more rapidly if you possess all the necessary skills and follow the right approach. Most CEOs and people working on critical managerial roles in big corporates have passed through a B school.

  • More Credibility - Another advantage of an MBA in Marketing is that you gain more credibility. Once you have acquired the technical know-how coupled with all the necessary skills, you are all set to command respect from all your co-workers. Personality development through MBA in Marketing can help you gain trust from your employer. You will become a valued employee who will be trusted with attaining all the targets in a time-bound manner.

  • Stay Ahead - When it comes to achieving success in the corporate, the truth is that the competition is stiff, and you need to adapt yourself while also making progress with time continually. An MBA in Marketing will facilitate your growth towards a more assertive personality that can adapt to the markets' changing demands. To stay ahead in this cut-throat competition, it is more than necessary that you stay prepared to ace the competition, your training at the B-school will come in handy. 

So, It is high time that you make the right choice regarding your career. When it comes to making a successful career, it all comes down to making the right decisions. So, keep your decisions well informed and make the right choice based on your career aspirations. 

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