Important Personal Interview Questions for MBA Freshers in 2023

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 1 May 2023
Important Personal Interview Questions for MBA Freshers in 2023

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Admissions are open, and many of you must be seeking MBA admissions now. You would have been given various MBA entrance exams that might get you a seat in a renowned B-school. But do you know an entrance exam is not enough to get you into a B-school? You’ll have to appear for PI, that is Personal Interview round and Group Discussion round. You are judged on that basis and then only, you get an offer letter from that particular institute. 

You need to prepare well for the Personal Interview round, and for that, you need the important questions that the interviewer can ask you. Here is a complete guide to the important personal interview questions for MBA freshers that will help you crack the Personal Interview round for your MBA program.

What is an MBA Program?

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind is ‘What is MBA?’. Master of Business Administration or an MBA course is a two-year post-graduate program that is often pursued by students who have completed their graduation in BBA. An MBA learns leadership skills, handling odd situations calmly and maintaining harmony in the organisation. An MBA program is the most popular choice to pursue after graduation as it is a universally accepted degree. Hence, pursuing this program from a reputed MBA college powered by Sunstone would be a great start to your career. 

Personal Interview Questions To Know

Now that, you have cleared your Entrance exam, it's time to thoroughly prepare for the Personal Interview round. Here are some of the important questions that you should know about. In the later section, you would even find how to answer these questions mentioned here.

Tell me about yourself

What irritates you about the people you work with?

How do you spend your free time?

Why should we take you in?

A time when your manager behaved inappropriately with you, and you had to deal with it.

Which specialisation are you thinking of pursuing and why?

Why do you want to join this business school?

How your boss will describe you in a comment?

What do you hate the most about your current job?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Describe the situation when you had to overcome your hardships.

Which one characteristic makes you different from others?

What’s your immediate and long-term goal?

Top five things that you hope to get out of an MBA?

What five attributes do you believe should have in a successful business leader?

Are you a team player? If yes, any incident that you can quote?

Share the time when you had to take a moral decision. What solution did you come up with?

How do you handle negative feedback?

How MBA will help you in your career?

Any queries that you have regarding this business school or program?

How your co-workers will describe you?

Have you applied to any other business schools?

Where do you see yourself in five, ten or fifteen years after this postgraduation program?

What are the three important decisions you’ve made in life?

Describe yourself in five words

Why should you do an MBA?

Describe your setback and the lessons you learned from it.

Why don’t you stay at your current employment and pursue your career goal?

Which international business leader do you admire the most?

What is the definition of leadership according to you?

How To Answer In Personal Interview Round

If you have to crack the personal interview, it is very important to understand what the interviewer is expecting from you. You should know how to answer these tricky PI questions. Hence, here are some key points decoded, which will help you in answering your questions perfectly.

  • Be confident and positive about answers.
  • There would be many tricky questions, answer them unbiasedly.
  • In certain questions, they would judge your general knowledge so be prepared for it.
  • A straightforward answer where you show your positive side will work in your favor.
  • When they ask, ‘Tell me about yourself’, they want you to show your accomplishments with certain terminologies like problem-solving, creativity, innovation etc.
  • They want to know why you are a right fit for this course and business school with various questions.
  • In situation-type questions, try to see how you can act calmly and positively because they don’t expect an aggressive response, they want something cool that establishes harmony.

Tips To Prepare for PI

Personal Interview preparation tips are divided into two parts -

  • Generalised type of preparation
  • Personalised type of preparation

Generalised Type of Preparation

  • Basic Economics that you can learn from 11th and 12th NCERT books or YouTube videos.
  • Basic Finance through YouTube videos.
  • Learn the basic history and geography of the state.
  • Current Affairs
  • Common HR Questions

Personalised Type of Preparation

  • Knowledge of your home state/town
  • Knowledge of your fields in regard to work experience
  • Know thoroughly about every point mentioned in your resume
  • A thorough revision of graduation subjects is a must.
  • Revisit the projects mentioned in your resume.

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FAQs - Personal Interview Questions

How to answer the question, ‘Are you a team player’?

Team building and supportive skills are something that an interviewer is looking forward to. So, present yourself as one of the leaders who understand the importance of these terminologies.

Can I have EMI options if I pursue MBA from a college powered by Sunstone?

Yes, you can avail of 0 cost EMI for 24 months for the MBA program via Sunstone. For every program, there is a different EMI option available at 0 interest rate.

Can I get any scholarship from Sunstone?

Yes, appear in the Sunstone scholarship test and get a scholarship worth 10 Cr.

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