Gender Inequality at Workplace | Effects & How to Promote Gender Equality

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 5 March 2021
Level playing field for women

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What is Gender Inequality?

Discrimination against women in the workplace is not a new thing. This discrimination has been rooted into the system since centuries. It is no surprise then that the pandemic has also affected them more at work and consequently, they feel less optimistic about their careers than before.

A recent research by LinkedIn throws up some startling findings-

  • 41% of women in APAC countries feel they get fewer career development opportunities than men.
  • In India, 85% said they missed out on a promotion, raise or offer because of their gender.

women career opportunity stats

While the pandemic has brought with it the freedom of WFH, women face other difficulties, such as-

  • Lack of time.
  • Lack of required skills
  • Lack of guidance from their network

In India, a lack of guidance from connections is the most important reason for a lack of opportunities.
This can be rectified, if all organisations work together and implement strategies to make the workplace a more equal place.

Gender Inequality examples

  • Unequal pay
  • Unfavourable recruitment
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Bias
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexist views

Solutions to Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Read on below for pointers on how organisations can ensure equality in the workplace-

Talk About Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

Data shows that only 23% of employees in APAC strongly agree that their organisation prioritises gender diversity. 70% believe that gender equality is an important issue but 40% believe it is impossible to achieve. These mindsets need changing. In fact, men in the workplace need to support or even better lead the conversations regarding these topics

Increase The Number Of Women In Leadership Roles

In APAC countries, only 39% of any organisation’s workforce is made up of women on average, compared to almost 47% for the US. In senior positions the figure is even lower at 30%. This is very concerning and needs addressing as soon as possible.

Institute Family-friendly and Flexible Policies

Women are struggling to balance their personal and professional lives. 45% working women in APAC countries feel that familial responsibilities come in the way of their career progress. This is even more common in India with more than 70% admitting to the same with more than two-thirds saying they have been discriminated against in their workplace because of their personal responsibilities.

Women want their employers to be supportive and to provide them maternity leave and establish policies taking their familial responsibilities into account. Employers should pay heed to how women feel and provide flexible policies to incorporate them into the workplace without any discrimination. Globally, only 6% of companies provide child care services for employees which is a measly figure.

Start Mentoring Programmes To Help Women Become Part Of A Strong Network

As lack of guidance is a big issue, especially in India. Organisations need to provide their women employees with programs that instill a sense of belonging aligned with professional growth.

Help Women Upskill

With so many online training courses and modules available nowadays, there is no need to be restricted to physical learning anymore. Employers can easily help their women employees learn new skills, reskill and support them in their quest to reach the top.


The findings from LinkedIn’s research shows that the world still has a long way to go in terms of ensuring equality in the workplace. With International Women’s Day coming up, it is another reminder to eradicate any kind of discrimination, stereotyping, prejudice or gender bias once and for all. The need of the hour is to make a more just and equal society and the journey for that begins at the workplace.

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