Scope of BBA in India | Career, Salary, Benefits

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 21 June 2021

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BBA is the fundamental launchpad for anyone interested in business management and administration. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA, not only serves as the foundation for your management education but also promises a good career where one can easily reach a mid-level management position in an organization.  However, there is a pressing question, 'what is the scope of BBA as a degree and a career?'

A bachelor's degree in business administration takes three years to complete. This program is designed to provide a solid foundation in business and management ideas. Students enrolled in the BBA program can choose from a variety of specialisations, including international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing, human resources and accounting. 

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Scope of BBA Degree in India

It is a common belief that the Bachelor of Business Administration course is that of the future. It is a professional course that has always garnered the interest of young aspirants and remains popular even today amongst students who desire to pursue a career in management immediately following their 12th grade examinations. This course is also appropriate for individuals who plan to continue their education in management after graduation. Students with a background in courses such as BBA have a better sense of business than students who do not come from a business background since they have a strong foundation in management studies with a BBA course.

BBA course includes a wide range of professional options and top BBA specialisations. It is one of the few courses that lead to decent-paying positions in management and administration immediately after graduation. The country's economy is expanding, and many new businesses are springing up, but not all businesses can afford highly experienced MBA executives and as a result, many organisations provide good offers to BBA graduates.

Career options in BBA

One of the highest student populations in the world is in India. As a result, education is always a burning issue in the country. Previously, only a few private colleges and universities offered this course; however, looking at the demand for the course and the promise it holds, practically every major institution in India now offers BBA. Consequently, it is now much more accessible. Companies aggressively seek BBA graduates and provide them competitive salaries and perks.

There are several career possibilities accessible to BBA graduates in a variety of disciplines and areas vis-a-vis the great scope of BBA as a career. With a plethora of opportunities available to a BBA graduate from top private recruiters offering competitive pay packages, the following are some of the most popular disciplines and sectors for the hopefuls to look into:

While following are some of the prominent positions that one can aspire to hold onto after successful completion of BBA:

  • Finance Manager 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Development Executive

Salary offered to BBA Graduates

Initial salary of a BBA graduate is determined by elements such as work profile, employer profile, job location and most importantly the institute from where the candidate has acquired his education. In India, the initial package can be expected to be between Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs. 4 lakhs, whereas graduates from good colleges have also seen offers to the tune of Rs. 8-10 lakhs. This clearly shows that there is no dearth of opportunities in the market for good candidates.

Benefits of doing a BBA

1. Highly professional

The BBA is one of the most professional graduate courses available. This course not only educates you but also prepares you for a job. Learning something and being able to do it for a living are two entirely different things, and a BBA course prepares you for both. Early on, you have the opportunity to choose specialisations in which you are most likely to further your education or pursue a career. When compared to other courses, your chances of getting a job right after graduation are much higher with BBA.

2. Foundation for post-graduation

Many pursue post graduation in order to advance in their careers. Following a BBA, you can pursue an MBA, PGDM, MMS, or any other management postgraduate program with a lot of ease. You will excel in these courses because of your background in BBA, as it helps you in grasping the concepts quickly. BBA program provides a solid foundation in management studies. You get to learn the fundamentals that you will later study in depth after graduation in management courses, beforehand. During your BBA, you will also be able to select a specialisation that you will be able to pursue further and make a career in.

3. Trend based education

It is critical that the course you undertake is up to date and includes all of the most recent developments. This is one of the benefits of a BBA course. It is one of the most advanced bachelor's programs, and its significance is only growing.

During COVID, we have seen massive changes in how various industries operate; more and more of them are incorporating and utilising technology in their day-to-day operations. BBA course aims to keep students in tune with the business world, thus students have a much better chance of exposing themselves to these technological changes during their education and gain an upper hand over graduates from other fields. 

4. Uncompromised Opportunities

One of the reasons students pursue BBA courses is the career opportunities that are available. As has already been mentioned, this course prepares you for a rewarding career in management or administration and because management is required in all industries, you have many options when it comes to choosing a career. Though you may not start as a manager or administrator right away, a BBA course will put you in a position to advance to these positions. 

5. Access global markets

Some of the West's most sought-after countries are eager to attract foreign expertise. They do, however, search for solid qualifications, and management grads are in high demand. These nations are on the lookout for management graduates from places like India. Overseas talent brings with it a fresh viewpoint and new ideas. They also give insight to firms in emerging markets and business areas, giving potential for growth. Outsourcing management is also on the increase, and businesses favour it since it saves them a lot of money on costs and taxes when they operate their own business. A BBA also allows you to pursue careers in other countries.

If you have always wanted to work abroad, you can choose international business as your specialisation and be prepared to work and earn well abroad.


BBA is without a doubt one of the best choices when it comes to graduate studies. It will set you on the right track to a successful career and financial future. It will also make you smarter and more confident as a person. There aren't many courses that can boast of doing this for you. 

Many students are also deviating from the pattern of majoring in fields such as science, commerce and arts. Today's students are more likely to know what type of education and profession they want from the start. They are enrolling in specialist subjects such as BBA, which are closely related to the job they desire, which is one of the reasons why the BBA course has a bright future. BBA program provides students with real management training that will equip them to operate successfully in a large or small firm. So, if you decide to pursue a BBA course, be prepared for a terrific learning experience and job opportunities (maybe abroad).

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