5 Highest Paying Jobs after MBA in India (Post Covid)

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 1 January 2021

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Pursuing an MBA course is a big step towards guiding your career to new heights. Everyone aims to get the best out of the degree in terms of career growth and highest paying MBA jobs. But, before entering the corporate field armed with an MBA one does stop to question, “What are the job opportunities after MBA?” and between Job vs MBA: What to do after graduations?

One of the main reasons for doing an MBA is because some of the highest-paying MBA jobs can be bagged only after an MBA or PGDM. Here are 5 highest paying MBA jobs that can give your career the perfect boost! 


Even if you haven’t zeroed in on actually doing an MBA or looking for entry-level jobs for MBA graduates, here’s a list of the jobs after MBA that are trending right now.

Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates

  • Digital/ Media Marketing Manager
  • Finance & Banking
  • Learning & Development
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Information Technology Manager/executive

Digital/ Media Marketing Manager Jobs after MBA

A digital marketing manager or media marketing manager takes care of the digital presence of a business or company. Any businesses digital presence is all the more dominant in today’s time and age. Taking a digital marketing job after MBA will mean tapping into your personal management capabilities, people management skills, targeting what’s trending in the media and creating a strong image of the company or product, leaving a lasting digital footprint. Learn more about MBA in Digital Marketing with our blog.

A digital marketing/marketing specialisation is usually required for this job. 

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Average Salary -   5 L - 12L/ P.A

Finance & Banking MBA Jobs

In a post covid world everything shifted to the online space, from online classes to zoom court hearings. In such a time, the experience a user has on an online platform has to be exceptional. Career prospects look good for those who can keep pace with the changing skills required in the financial sector, along with technological and analytics skills. The Finance & banking sectors revive their lustre by making the online shift and moving towards a more technology-based model. Challengers in the financial technology—or ‘fintech’—space are reshaping the sector as cutting-edge technology from machine learning to blockchain disrupts everything from wealth management to payments. 

A finance/banking specialisation is usually required for this job. Learn more about MBA in Finance with our blog.

Average salary - Rs 6.66 Lakhs/P.A

Learning & Development MBA jobs

Post covid 19, we all saw a boom in the demand for online learning, with classes being held online, to rise in online course registrations. In the future, human resources (HR) and L&D leaders will be dealing with a liquid workforce — a workforce of non-traditional workers like freelancers, consultants, contingent workers and part-time employees. L&D professionals will be needed to train this workforce towards the right skills needed in a WFH scenario. L&D jobs will highly increase in the ed-tech sector as the learning experience and training of the faculty will be looked over by the L&D experts.

An HR specialisation is usually required for this job. Learn more about MBA in HR with our blog.

Average salary post MBA - 4, 44K - 10L/P.A

Highest paying MBA jobs in Business/ Data Analytics Sector

In this data-heavy age, where everything we do on the internet is just a data in a survey, however, we also need professionals who can analyse this data to give us insights into the performance of a business, customer preferences and their reaction to a particular campaign or movement. This need for reading and incorporating insights from data is what results in the vast scope of MBA in Business Analytics.

As a business analyst, one must be able to develop strategies for effective data analysis and reposting, along with selecting, configuring and providing and implementing analytics solutions. A business analytics manager generally leads a team with a team of data analysts. All this is based on your understanding of the needs and objectives of the company you are associated with. 

An IT/Business Analytics specialisation is usually required for this job. Learn more about MBA in Business Analytics with our blog.

Business intelligence Analyst - 4.1L - 10L/P.A 

Senior Business Analyst -       16L-1.6M/P.A                 


IT Manager MBA Jobs

Post covid, businesses have moved away from using onsite rooms and servers towards cloud computing platforms. According to the technology news site TechRepublic, about two-thirds of large companies are moving business applications and data storage to cloud services. For more than half of those companies, the transition to cloud services is the top strategic priority for their IT departments.  With more companies following this path, the demand for IT managers and software engineers is on the rise, and this trend is going to be like this for the foreseeable future.

An IT specialisation is usually required for this job.

Average Salary: Rs 4.6L - 15.0L/P.A.



You might have not decided to do an MBA yet, however, the MBA career paths coming up are opening a world of high MBA salary and MBA job opportunities. These 5 careers are trending as there are many factors contributing to the rise of these careers in some way or the other. So choosing one of the trending careers after MBA could be the required push you need for the perfect career boost!

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