Types of Jobs after MBA: Everything You Need to Know

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 5 February 2021
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With an MBA being one of the most sought-after courses in India and abroad, the career aspects are equally fruitful, with the many types of jobs after MBA. However, every MBA aspirant is faced with the dilemma of “Which field to choose post-MBA”.  There are many career opportunities after MBA as a fresher if you consider the right options when choosing a business school.

In this article, we discuss the kind of jobs in various business sectors of the industry to help you make a choice as per your interests and career aspirations.

Most Sought Jobs after an MBA

During an MBA, students learn about the necessary managerial skills and business-related concepts. According to their interests and capabilities, aspirants can take up a suitable MBA specialization such as marketing, finance, operations, human resource management, etc.

In addition to the common MBA disciplines, several top B-schools offer modern specializations like Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Logistics management, IT/Telecom management, etc. It greatly depends on the B school you choose to pursue your MBA from and their placement records. You can also get the best tips on campus placement with our blog.

List of Jobs after MBA

You can avail of an enormous career scope after MBA in India as well as outside the country. After MBA, the salary package varies widely from Rs. 4 Lakhs Per Annum(LPA) to 30 LPA and depends upon the management institute and hiring company. However, there are many perks of having the MBA tag on your CV and a career after an MBA. Post completion of the course, management graduates are placed with top global corporates like Amazon, Google, JPMorgan Chase, etc. Alternatively, they can choose to work in the public sector or become an entrepreneur. So, if you are wondering what job positions can you get with an MBA, glimpse through the details given below.

Jobs after MBA in Finance

There is a great need for MBA Finance graduates in banks, insurance sectors, and other financial institutions. With an MBA in Finance, you can reap the rewards and benefits of a career path in Finance. Financial Managers contribute to budget planning, investment management, and financial analysis and reporting. Hence, management graduates can look for a variety of career options after an MBA in Finance. Some of the top recruiters of the finance stream are Citi Bank, SBI, ICICI, L&T, and Kotak Mahindra.

Listed below are the popular MBA in Finance jobs:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Associate

Salary Prospects:

Considering the nature of the field, the scope of an MBA in Finance extends to all sectors of the economy. Depending upon the hiring organization, the initial salary package for a fresh graduate in placements after MBA Finance varies between Rs. 5-10 LPA

Top Jobs after MBA in Marketing

Every type of organization heavily relies on its marketing department. Hence, making marketing undoubtedly the most popular field of MBA. There are many ways in which marketing can completely change you as a person. Marketing professionals plan and monitor the marketing campaigns, devise sales strategies, and oversee related advertising activities. Some of the top-ranked MBA marketing placement companies are Adobe, Google, L’Oréal, Facebook, etc. You can seek the following profiles to chart out your MBA marketing career path:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Retail Marketing Manager
  • Brand Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst

Salary Prospects:

Marketing specialists are highly valued across advertising agencies, financial institutions, the FMCG industry, and the technology sector. As per their recruiting company and respective B-school, fresher marketing graduates bag a salary package of Rs. 4-10 LPA. 

Best Job Roles after MBA in Human Resources

One of the prominent fields of MBA, human resource management deals with employee recruitment, performance, retention, and appraisals. Every graduate considers a Freshers salary after MBA in Human Resources.  HR managers serve as a link between the organization’s owners and its employees. These professionals are especially required at law firms, IT companies, advertising agencies, newspapers, and media houses. MBA HR graduates are hired for the following job positions:

  • HR Manager/ Specialist
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Organisational Change Consultant
  • L&D Manager

Salary Prospects:

In India, the freshers’ salary after MBA in human resource management ranges between Rs. 3-8 LPA. Some of the top recruiting companies in the HR sector are TCS, Wipro, Dell Technologies, Etsy, and PepsiCo.

Jobs after MBA in Operations

The field of operations is primarily concerned with production, logistics, and inventory management. Graduates of MBA operations are in great demand in the manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and construction sector. Operations managers usually work in the following profiles:

  • Process Managers
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Operations Manager

Salary Prospects:

At the entry-level, an operations manager is offered a salary of Rs. 4-9 LPA. Ernst & Young, Blue Dart, GAIL, and ONGC are considered the sector’s top recruiters. You can explore more about MBA in Operations with our blog.

In-Demand Jobs after MBA in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is an area of specialization that involves studying market trends, customer behavior, and related parameters using statistical tools. In the current data-driven world, there is a rising demand for management graduates with expertise in analytics. You can also learn about the scope of MBA in Business Analytics with our blog. They are mostly recruited in the following work profiles:

  • Data Scientist
  • Operations Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Data Mining Expert
  • Business Intelligence Expert

Salary Prospects:

In India, a fresh business analytics graduate gets a salary package of Rs. 4.5-8 LPA, as per the recruiting organization. Nowadays, with high data production (over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace), analysts are needed across several sectors like E-Commerce, Healthcare, IT, financial institutions, etc. 

What After Entrepreneurship after MBA?

Today, many successful entrepreneurs hold a management degree. While most students sit for MBA placements conducted by their respective B-schools, a few others carve out their career paths themselves. The sphere of entrepreneurship presents immense flexibility in your chosen field. You can learn more about MBA in Entrepreneurship with our blog. If you are curious to know which MBA specialization is best for business, the answer lies in the type of work and sector you are most passionate about.

Once you have formulated your start-up idea, you can look out for the probable market gaps and set about planning your business venture. But, don't get disheartened, there are many ways you can develop a successful business mindset. While some youngsters prefer to gain some experience before starting their own business, others get started right after MBA. In either case, you will require good networking support to make your idea work.

Ultimately, your jobs & salaries after MBA  are determined by your MBA specialization and the acquired skill set. Further, you also need to ponder over which field to choose post MBA. Apart from the private sector, there is an adequate scope of a government job after an MBA. 

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