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  • 8 April 2022

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Bhopal, often known as the City of Lakes, is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city built by Raja Bhoj has several natural and man-made lakes, which is said to be the greenest in the country. Although industrialisation has long impacted the city’s economy, Bhopal has preserved its traditional warmth, with narrow passageways and crowded marketplaces in the old part of the city, while the modern section of the city is well organised and full of lush city parks.

The two main lakes are the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake. On the Upper Lake's banks, Van Vihar National Park is home to some of the Feline family's largest members. Aside from these, the State Museum houses centuries-old paintings, rare Jain sculptures, and fossils. There's also the majestic Taj-ul-Masjid, which has a large courtyard, minarets, and white domes and is one of Asia's largest mosques.

Apart from being a thriving centre of commerce, Bhopal is also a hub of education, with some of the most prominent colleges offering business and management degrees. Let's take a closer look at the many possibilities available for BBA.

Best BBA Colleges in Bhopal

As mentioned earlier, Bhopal is a city abounding in possibilities and economic activity, and being the capital of Madhya Pradesh, it is home to a variety of high-quality universities that provide competitive business and management degrees.  Even though the city has both an old world and modern contemporary infrastructure, it has a very warm vibe to it. Furthermore, it is quite reasonable in terms of expenses and cost of living, making it ideal for those seeking further education.

Plus, the admission criteria for enrolling into management colleges are the same as those in the rest of the country. Most institutions accept the scores of competitive entrance exams like CAT/CMAT/MAT/GMAT and direct admission on the basis of merit. 

So here’s a list of top colleges in Bhopal: 

  1. People's University, Bhopal
  2. Jagran LakeCity University, [JLU] Bhopal
  3. The Bhopal School of Social Sciences, [TBSSS] Bhopal
  4. Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya Institute of Open and Distance Education, [BV-IODE] Bhopal
  5. AISECT University, Raisen

Career Scope for BBA Graduate in Bhopal

The career prospects for BBA graduates in the city of Bhopal, as mentioned, are many. And if you choose any reputed institution for studying BBA, there are good chances that you may be accepted for a job anywhere in the country.

Admission tests, accompanied by Group Discussion (GD) and Individual Interview (PI) phases, are required for entry into the best BBA colleges in Bhopal. While most institutions recognise the AIMA UGAT, IPAT, NPAT, and AUMAT scores, certain colleges have their own entrance exams. With a decent package, the BBA course provides students with a broad selection of professional opportunities. Sales executive, business consultant, operations manager, marketing manager, financial consultant, and many other occupations are available to students who complete a BBA degree.

Marketing, accounting, foreign trade, finance & banking, computer applications, insurance, and many other disciplines are included in the BBA curriculum. Applicants for BBA universities or schools must have finished middle school with a minimum of a 50% grade point average.

Here’s a list of top institutions in Bhopal for pursuing BBA:

  1. Mansarovar Global University - [MGU], Bhopal
  2. Jagran LakeCity Business School, Bhopal
  3. VIT Bhopal University
  4. RKDF University, Bhopal,
  5. SAGE University, Bhopal 
  6. Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), Bhopal
  7. Jagran Lakecity University (JLU)
  8. Institute Of Professional Education And Research - [IPER], Bhopal
  9. LNCT University (LNCTU), Bhopal
  10.  Bhabha University - [BU], Bhopal
  11.  People's University, Bhopal
  12.  Maharishi Institute Of Management- [MIM], Bhopal
  13.  RKDF Institute Of Management - [RKDFIM], Bhopal
  14.  Sha-Shib College Of Science & Management - [SSCSM], Bhopal
  15.  Rajeev Gandhi College, Bhopal
  16.  Barkatullah University - [BU], Bhopal
  17.  Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal
  18.  Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (MPBOU)
  19.  Bonnie Foi College - [BFC], Bhopal
  20.  Laxmipati Group of Institutions, Bhopal
  21.  IES University, Bhopal
  22.  Bhoj Mahavidyalaya, Bhopal
  23.  Madhyanchal Professional University - [MPU], Bhopal
  24.  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University - [SRK], Bhopal

Career Scope for BBA Graduate in Bhopal

Individuals pursuing a BBA in Bhopal will have a terrific learning experience because there will be plenty of opportunities for training and internships. Such industries in Bhopal make it ideal for future job opportunities and comprehensive industry exposure.

The city of Bhopal and its suburbs are regarded as one of India's biggest industrial areas. You'll find some of the nation's most major manufacturing centres in this location. Electrical items, Jute, and cotton textiles are among the principal businesses of Bhopal. This city likewise relies heavily on electricity production.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is in charge of Bhopal's electrical products manufacturing business. Bhopal-based BHEL primarily manufactures industrial machinery. The group's other significant duties include electricity generation and distribution. Their manufacturing products include hydro turbines, heat exchangers, Industrial equipment, and hydro generators. BHEL is just one example amongst the many companies in the outskirts of Bhopal that are thriving businesses and can be a great option to explore.

Fast-Growing Economy of Bhopal

Although agrarian in nature, the economy of Bhopal has seen slow but significant progress. And with the establishment of different industries such as textiles, medical equipment, industrial machinery manufacturing, tourism, electrical items, energy production, and booming IT sector, Bhopal has steadily put itself on the pedestal of fast-developing economic zones. In addition, a new metro line project costing hundreds of millions that will be developed largely between Indore and Bhopal would significantly improve job possibilities in the near future. As a result, Bhopal is a prospective growth zone for young and recent graduates who would be required in the long haul.

Cost of Living in Bhopal for BBA Students

Bhopal is a lively, easy-to-navigate metropolitan area. An effective infrastructure of public buses and railways is housed on broad, expansive thoroughfares. The diverse academic institutions in Bhopal, the state capital, provide degrees ranging from management and business studies to multi-stream medical and engineering training. The city's beautiful and serene environs give an excellent environment for learning. In addition to this, it is one of the safest and most affordable cities in the country, with decent lodging options and availability of food.

 Entrance Exams for BBA Colleges in Bhopal

There are several management institutions in Bhopal that accept the scores of various admission tests, such as the CAT/CMAT/MAT/GMAT. As a result, it is recommended that you take these exams in order to get accepted into a reputable college, which may offer you a scholarship or stipend based on your test score and performance. Here is a list of top Bhopal institutions that take competitive test marks into account:

  1. SAGE University, Bhopal
  2. Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), Bhopal
  3. LNCT University (LNCTU), Bhopal 
  4. People's University, Bhopal
  5. Rajeev Gandhi College, Bhopal 
  6. Barkatullah University, Bhopal (BU)

BBA colleges in Dehradun with their own exam and direct admission

Bhopal also has many private universities that enable students to take direct admissions in both UG and PG courses. Here’s a list of those institutions: 

  1. People's Institute Of Management & Research - [PIMR], Bhopal
  2. Vidyasagar Institute Of Management - [VIM], Bhopal
  3. Mansarovar Global University - [MGU], Bhopal
  4. Jagran LakeCity Business School, Bhopal
  5. VIT Bhopal University, Bhopal
  6. RKDF University, Bhopal,
  7. Institute Of Professional Education And Research - [IPER], Bhopal
  8. Bhabha University - [BU], Bhopal
  9. Maharishi Institute Of Management- [MIM], Bhopal
  10.  RKDF Institute Of Management - [RKDFIM], Bhopal
  11.  Sha-Shib College Of Science & Management - [SSCSM], Bhopal
  12.  Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal
  13.  Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (MPBOU)

Top BBA colleges in Bhopal according to placement.

The capital of Madhya Pradesh is home to some of the best institutions, which not only provide excellent education and vocational training but also assist you in gaining relevant industry experience and securing solid work placements. Here’s the rundown of top BBA colleges that help you with great placement opportunities and  packages:

  1. Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, Bhopal
  2. Jagran Lakecity Business School, Bhopal
  3. Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal
  4. Peoples Institute of Management and Research, Bhopal
  5. BSSS Bhopal - The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
  6. IPER Bhopal - Institute of Professional Education Research
  7. Sant Hirdaram Girls College, Bhopal
  8. LNCT University, Bhopal
  9. Government Arts and Commerce College, Bhopal
  10.  VIT Bhopal - VIT University
  11.  All Saints College, Bhopal
  12.  Career College, Bhopal
  13.  Mansarovar Global University, Sehore
  14.  Sanjeev Agrawal Global Educational University, Bhopal
  15.  Career College of Management, Bhopal
  16.  Academy of Management, Bhopal
  17.  Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal
  18. Government Hamidia Arts and Commerce College, Bhopal
  19.  RKDF University, Bhopal
  20. Indira Priyadarshani College, Bhopal
  21. Vidyasagar Institute of Management, Bhopal
  22. Jawaharlal Nehru College, Bhopal
  23. Maharana Pratap College, Bhopal
  24. Bonnie Foi College, Bhopal
  25. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University, Bhopal
  26. Saifia College of Arts and Commerce, Bhopal
  27. Rajeev Gandhi College, Bhopal

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