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  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 8 April 2022

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A BBA degree is a great way to get a jump start on your management or business career. Being one of the most popular degrees out there today, it teaches students the expansive basics of business and management. The opportunities that follow are limitless, post which you can either start a career in the corporate world or get an MBA course to augment your knowledge and skills. The latter, of course, sets you up for more diverse opportunities and a smoother business career.

With BBA, like with most courses, it is crucial to pick the right place to study at. The first step is knowing what you want in terms of a professional career. If you’ve always dreamt of being a manager at a leading company or setting up a business somewhere down the line, then studying at one of the top 10 colleges in Indore for BBA can work out very well for you. Such a degree is highly valued, and there are numerous ways in which it trumps many others.

Top BBA colleges in Indore based on Fees, Placement, and Salary

Indore Institute of Management and Research

Total Fees: ₹ 1.35 L - 1.8 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.5

Median Salary: ₹ 2.16 - 2.5 LPA

IIM Indore - Indian Institute of Management

Total Fees: ₹ 28.64 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.4

Median Salary: ₹ 22.6 LPA

Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences

Total Fees: ₹ 7.15 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.1

Median Salary: —

NMIMS University, Indore

Total Fees: ₹ 7.54 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.0

Median Salary: ₹ 4.1 LPA

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Takshashila Campus

Total Fees: ₹ 2.1 L - 4.34 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 3.4

Median Salary: ₹ 4.45 LPA

Cost of Living in Indore for Students

Indore is the most populated city in Madhya Pradesh, so it makes sense that expenses while living there will be a bit high. According to Numbeo, a single person would have to dish out an estimated ₹23,479.80 excluding rent to live in Indore. You can check out the website for a detailed look at the costs of different items and amenities.

Entrance Exams for Different Schools

  • Prestige Institute of Management: Admissions are based on an entrance exam unique to the college, and it’s required that you pass it with 50% or above to gain admission.
  • Amity Global Business: There is an Amity entrance test, with final online counselling. Selection is contingent on 60% marks in 12th boards.
  • Arihant Education College: There is no specific entrance exam required. Entrants must be 17 years or older and have scored 60% in a qualifying exam. 
  • International Institute of Professional Studies: The admission process follows an entrance test for scholarships. You need to have passed 12th grade with no less than 60% marks.
  • CH Institute of Management and Commerce: There is a special entrance exam that needs to be passed with 50% marks if you are to be admitted to this institute. 

Scope for a BBA Graduate in India

BBA graduates can find work in any company which has a sales and marketing department, finance department, HR department, or IT department. BBA freshers find jobs in various positions, including supervisor, planner, administrator and analyst. The higher-ranking and most sought-after jobs which you may land after gaining some experience include finance manager, human resource manager, marketing manager, and business consultant.

Freshers can earn salaries ranging from INR 12,000 to INR 18,000 each month. This depends on many factors such as the market, the company’s value, skills, and experience. If you opt to continue studying after completing your BBA in Indore, you have an open door to postgraduate courses such as MBA and others. While a BBA can be pivotal in kickstarting your career, getting a PG degree from a reputed college can help in finding better job prospects.

Top Reasons to Get a BBA

Many aspiring business professionals face a dilemma when picking a bachelor's degree to pursue because there are a plethora of options available. A BBA course distinguishes itself from the rest in many respects, such as the following.

  1. It is a versatile degree: There’s a lot to gain from getting a BBA than simply landing the type or level of job you want. Where most bachelor’s degrees stick to teaching just theory, BBA combines it with practical knowledge application, as well as personality development. There are also many skills you’ll get to learn during the course, all of which would make you a well-rounded professional set on the path to success.
  2. Multiple disciplines are covered:  When studying BBA you’re bound to notice that the curriculum covers a vast range of subjects aimed at transforming you into a knowledgeable professional who eventually gets presented with many career options. This includes marketing, human resources management, accounting, strategic management, and organisational behaviour, among others.
  3. It is a professional degree: A BBA is a complete standalone professional degree that is widely sought-after by students serious about careers in business management. Upon course completion at one of the top BBA colleges in Indore, they can get placed in good companies and start off above-average career journeys. Moreover, in the case of many students, there is no need to get a master's degree that teaches pretty much the same things as they’d learn on the job. BBA holders also have one of the highest employment rates with respect to other bachelor’s degree holders.
  4. It is a stepping stone to MBA: While a graduate from any stream can enrol for an MBA, a BBA graduate is likely to fare much better than others. Most of the things learnt in BBA will be covered in more detail while pursuing an MBA. For a BBA graduate, it’s mostly about re-learning the fundamentals and getting better prepared for the management fields. You also get to choose a specialisation for your MBA, which means that with a BBA in hand, you’ll have more clarity in choosing your career path.
  5. It delivers high pay and benefits: Most, if not all, professionals are attracted to a high salary and attractive benefits which a BBA degree can make possible. It opens doors to some of the finest administrative and managerial professions, where both of these things are almost guaranteed. It is also likely to get you promoted quicker and sometimes gets you a sizeable pay hike when you switch companies (based on how well you can negotiate).
  6. On-trend nature: Getting your degree at one of the top BBA colleges in Indore will provide a holistic and all-around exposure to the business world that will help you in your career. Most colleges update their courses based on what trends and developments hold prominence in the industry at any given time, and students consequently have an edge the moment they start working.
  7. Affordability: A BBA is a lot more affordable than an MBA, as well as other business-related courses. While it may span three years, the fees you pay for BBA are likely inexpensive. You also get to enjoy complete value for money, assuming you pick from one of the best BBA colleges in Indore to study at, and after you complete the course, you get rewarded with a high-paying job that comes with appealing benefits.

Selecting the B-School That Fits You

Business students all dream of getting their BBA or MBA from a renowned business school. Over 3000 colleges in India offer pertinent courses, but when looking at BBA colleges in Indore fees shouldn’t be your only concern; there are also a few other factors to weigh.

  1. NIRF ranking: The National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) is published by the Ministry of Education, and is one of the most reliable ways to gauge a B-School, as well as other colleges and universities. The rankings are based on several parameters relevant to the schools and can prove useful to someone looking to join a BBA course.
  2. Location: Regarding the top B-Schools that are further down the rating list, location is a prime deciding factor. If the one you’re looking at is in a major city, it would undoubtedly carry many perks. One benefit is that more companies would visit, increasing  the number of opportunities available. A good location also helps when it comes to practising internships and getting mentoring. Companies also increasingly find it simpler to recruit from institutes closer to their headquarters.
  3. Return on investment: You’ll need to form an idea of how much money you can earn right after the degree is completed, and how much you’ll spend overall on getting it. ROI directly measures the return you get on the investment (in this case, your degree), relative to how much it costs you to get it. It can be calculated by dividing the return of the investment by its cost.
  4. Alumni Network: A wide alumni network is definitely a point in favour of the B-School. That said, you should also look into the number of alumni who have landed jobs in reputed companies. If possible, get in touch with someone who passed out recently. They can give you a lot of information about the institute that is not mentioned anywhere else.
  5. International Exposure: It’s worth going for an institute that boasts a global curriculum where business, management, marketing, sales and operations, etc. are concerned. It is always best to develop leadership skills surrounding a global perspective, and this could prove useful later in your career – you get the confidence to work in any company and at any location on the globe. Being exposed to other cultures can also bring you rich and varied experiences, and can broaden your horizons in multiple ways.
  6. Quality of faculty: The faculty at the B-school has an important role to play since they would be shaping your learning experience in more ways than one. Read through their profiles to gauge how experienced they are in the industry. Pay attention to their academic qualification, professional experience, industry engagement, and research area and publications.

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Admission into a good B-School doesn’t happen through sheer research and being able to pay the fees they demand; the institute needs to choose you as well. All top BBA colleges want the best brains studying at their campuses because this is what brings them a good reputation. So in order to get in, train for and focus on acing some of the toughest selection interviews, you may have encountered; the higher the institute’s reputation, the harder will be its selection procedure.

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