Best BBA Colleges in Ahmedabad

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 7 October 2022
Best BBA Colleges in Ahmedabad

An Overview - Top BBA Colleges In Ahmedabad

In India's business-friendly state of Gujarat, hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their own companies each year. Gujarat has everything, from the marketing of textiles to the mining and sale of diamonds. Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, offers many chances for its citizens and newcomers from other states who want to study at some of the top institutions and work at some of the top corporate or commercial firms in India. But you must master the notion of business administration to launch a firm or start working for a corporate or industrial corporation. Many courses examine or at least touch with business administration, with one of the most well-known being BBA.

One of the most popular courses after 10+2 is BBA. Students in commerce who want to learn more about administration, business studies and accounting, among other subjects presented during the course, often choose it. The three-year, professional graduate programme in business administration (BBA) covers a variety of business administration-related topics. This course covers topics including economics, financial accounting, banking & insurance, management principles, management accounting, and consumer & services marketing. This course's major goal is to emphasise critical thinking and managerial abilities.

Ahmedabad is one of the most well-known centres for education in India and is home to numerous top-notch universities. Colleges in Ahmedabad are considered among the finest in India when it comes to BBA programmes. The average cost of a BBA programme in Ahmedabad is between Rs 0.20 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. In Ahmedabad, several universities offer the BBA programme with a variety of specialities. Based on their performance on important metrics, we have identified the best private BBA colleges in Ahmedabad below.

BBA Colleges in Ahmedabad Specialisations

The applicant may choose from a variety of specialities in the BBA and MBA programmes according to their preferences. The most common choices include: -

  • General Administration
  • Finance Administration
  • Aviation Administration
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Accounting Administration
  • Operations Administration

Admission Requirements

The following individuals are eligible for a BBA:

  • The applicant must have passed their 10+2 exam from a reputable board.
  • The candidate's final qualifying exam grade must be at least 60%.
  • Additionally, applicants may be required by certain universities to have chosen the commerce stream throughout their 10+2 higher education.

Ahmedabad BBA Admission Procedure

Apply for BBA by following as follows:

  • The applicants must meet the requirements for eligibility.
  • Whether or if the selected college needs its applicants to have passed certain admission examinations must be considered.
  • While some prestigious institutions may need entrance tests, the majority of colleges admit students based on merit. CET is the BBA admission test with the most frequency. Typically, none of the colleges in Ahmedabad has admission tests.

Career After BBA

A person who wants to continue their education or seek a career that demands further knowledge may pursue an MBA. The BBA is an undergraduate programme. An MBA is a master's degree in business administration and management. BBA may be thought of as a "bridge" to an MBA. The fields of management and marketing provide the most prominent employment choices following a BBA. A person with a BBA degree who has completed a specialisation in a different subject will be able to pick a career in that field. For instance, a BBA in Finance graduate may work in the finance division.

List Of Best BBA Colleges in Ahmedabad

Name of the college 

Entrance exam acceptable 


GLS University 


Rs 0.73 lakhs

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar open university 


Rs 0.24 lakhs 

Amity Global business school 


Rs 3.89 lakhs

Indus Institute of Management 


Rs 2.55 lakhs 

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People Also Ask

  • Which college is best for BBA placement?

Amrut Mody School of Management is the best for BBA placement.

  • How many colleges are there in BBA in Ahmedabad?

There are around 38 BBA colleges in Ahmedabad, comprising 33 private and 3 state institutions.

  • Which city is best for BBA in Gujarat?

Ahmedabad and Vadodara are the best cities for BBA in Gujarat.


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